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Department of Business Administration

Department / Department of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

The Department Of Business Administration was started in the year 2010 to meet the growing demand for business education. The Department aims at maintaining academic excellence and equipping students with the skills necessary to face the challenges of the business world. The Bachelor of Business Administration program is designed to provide competency in basic management, leadership, communication, decision making and problem solving in organisations with subject spanning finance, marketing, human resource, information technology, operation and international trade. we follow Madurai Kamaraj University syllabus, which covers 6 main areas of accounting, finance, operations, management, marketing, and strategy, ethics and public police, as well as in selected liberal arts disciplines that build bridges between a student’s major, minor or other interests and the broad field of business.


Bachelor of Business Administration


To develop students into responsible citizens and become global leaders in business.


To prepare our students to become successful business leaders by making use of our resources.


1 DR. A. Anitha, M.B.A., M.Phil., PGPMIR., Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Head
2 Dr. C. Sethuraman, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
3 Mr. T. Viswakumar, M.B.A.,NET., SET., Assistant Professor
4 Mrs. M. Anitha,, M.Phil., PGDE.Com., Assistant Professor
5 MR. A. BALAMURUGAN, MBA., Assistant Professor
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