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The Department of Physics was established in 2011. Since its inception, the department has contributed to the academic and administrative development of this institution. At present, the department is catering to teaching Physics at the UG level. A spacious and well-equipped physics laboratory was set up to improve the practical physics expertise of the students. The department begins with a strength of five but now we have plenty of new people on hand, which is a tenfold of the initiation. The department has well-qualified and devoted faculty members and supporting staff. The department has been maintaining excellent results both in theory and practical examinations. All the staff members are student counsellors so we have very good teacher-student interaction. This ensures the good academic performance of students. For improving the co-curricular activities of the students a new physics club is created in the name of Sir. Isaac Newton was the father of modern physics. On behalf of this club, several events were conducted for the advantage of the students and the details of those programs are given in this letter. Apart from our major students, we also serve other science major students by providing basic physics courses for the first two semesters. Understanding that, physics is a bridge between technology and society, the Department of Physics is committed to carrying physics and science to both the campus community and the surrounding residents. With an excellent bunch of focused students, we are landing in the next new academic year with fresh strategies.


B.Sc. (Physics)


Developing the department into an outstanding centre of excellence in education, training & research by 2025 and activating the researcher in a student so as to prepare them as an inventor or innovator of tomorrow.


Providing eminent and value centered education for students from various backgrounds.
Encouraging the inquisitiveness in a student and make him/her to understand the fundamentals of technology.
Creating an opportunity to develop and sharpen presentation and problem solving skills related to the scientific and technical requirements.
Promoting the knowledge of physics by arranging seminars and conferences in leading edge areas of science and technology.
Boardening the scientific knowledge to the public through outreach activities and community involvements.


A Research paper on “Nanotechnology” presented by Mr.R.A.Jeya Ram former faculty of Physics at an international conference in Coimbatore Institute of Technology.

Ms.M.Muthumenaka, Assistant Professor of Physics participated and presented her research paper entitled “Synthesis, characterizations and UV screening effect of TiO2 thin films by Sol-Gel dipping method” in an International Conference on “Frontiers in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” ICFNN-2016 held at Sastra University, Tanjore.

Students Achievement

Kalari 2014 – Over all Champions “Winners”
Kalari 2015 – Over all Champions “Runners”
Kalari 2016 – Over all Champions “Winners”
Kalari 2017 – Over all Champions “Winners”
Sphinx – 2012 won over all Championship “Winners”
Sphinx – 2014 won over all Championship “Runners”
Green TROJANS won over all championship “winners” in sports meet – 2015(Girls)
Green TROJANS won over all championship “winners” in sports meet – 2016 (Girls)
Green TROJANS won over all championship “Winners” in sports meet – 2017 (Girls)
Green TROJANS won over all championship “Winners” in sports meet – 2017 (Boys)

Research News

A research paper on “Automatic inversion tool for geoelectrical resistivity data using supervised learning algorithm of adaptive neuro-fuzzy interference system” (ANFIS) co-authored by Mr D.Hudson Oliver former HOD of Physics ISSN:6203/6211.

“Hydrochemical characteristics and quality assessment of groundwater along the Manavalakurichi coast, Tamil Nadu” on 24.09.15 in the research journal of Applied Water and Science. (ISSN:2190-5495).

A Paper published on 24.09.15 in the research journal on “A new in the scheme in pattern recognition based Neuro Fezzy approach on resolving the ambiguities in geo electrical resistivity date of processing” by the former HOD, Mr D. Hudson Oliver.

Mr.D.Hudson Oliver, former HOD of our department successfully defended his thesis and attended a public viva-voce on “Geo electrical and Geochemical assessment of groundwater quality in parts of Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu” at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.


1 MR.R.KARUPPAIAN M.Sc.,M.Phil., Professor & Head
2 MRS.SAROJA M M.Sc.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
3 MR.A.SELVARAJ M.Sc.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
4 DR.M.TAMIL ELAKKIYA M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D Assistant Professor

University Ranks

S.No. Date Name of the Students & class Organizer & Venue Events Remarks
1 22.08.15 P.Divya
Fatima College,Madurai Face painting Participated
2 10.12.15-12.12.15 M.Palaniselvi MKU, Race course, Madurai Athletic competition participated
3 19.02.16 T.Chandraleka
M.Kapil dev
NMSSVN college
Nagamalai pudukottai,Madurai
National level seminar Participated
4 11.08.15 T.Chandraleka
M.Kapil dev
Sermathai vasan college,Madurai Cultural events Participatied
5 16.12.15 P.Ajithkumar Vivekananda Kendra,Kanyakumari Izhainane vizithelu Exam. Participated
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