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The Hostel

The hostel is truly a model for nurturing a sound body and steady mind for the students. It is self-sufficient in all respects and geared to take care of every need of the student. The college provides separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.

Hostel Mess

The hostel mess caters to all the food and nutritional requirements of the students. They are served a well-balanced diet along with milk at the hostel. The menu for all meal sessions is changed regularly with the consent of the students to provide variety and wholesome nourishment.

Multi-Purpose Hall

The hostel has an airy and versatile hall, which is used for various purposes. It serves as a Dining Hall, Prayer Hall as well as a Performance Hall for various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities of the hostel.


The kitchen is well maintained to ensure high standards of hygiene. It is also well furnished with modern methods of cookery replete with contemporary cooking gadgets.

Other in-house facilities

The hostel has a number of other services in-house to make the stay of the student at the hostel a pleasant experience. They include:
A general stores stocking every possible item, from pencils and pens, as may be required by the students.
A library and reading room with a variety collection of general knowledge and story books are available.
An audio-visual parlour to provide wholesome entertainment on weekends and on other special occasions.
A computer room with Internet connectivity and multimedia facility with restricted access.
A Mobile phone booth are available for incoming as well as outgoing calls.
For students who are interested in games are given a special coaching in the evenings at the play ground.

Cafeteria / Dining

Inside the sprawling campus of our College, there is a cafeteria that functions well to serve the students and staff members. The administration of this cafeteria is given to experienced, proficient and committed contractors. The cafeteria is open on all working days. Besides, they provide food at a very nominal price.
The following are the features of the cafeteria
Well man powered cafeteria
A hygienic catering
Purified Drinking water
Well equipped with modernized cooking appliances


The institution has a robust transport system with a fleet of buses operating from various places to our campus. They facilitate ease of conveyance for both students and staff. The buses ply to and from the prominent parts inside the city and its nearby areas. The students should take the college transport both morning and evening. Transport department has well trained drivers who operate the bus transport of the institution. Students also utilise the bus facility for local visits.


Long ago Cicero said, “A good library is the soul of a home”. It is true in the case of a college. Our college has about 5000 books inclusive of dictionaries and encyclopedias, around 35 journals and 8 daily newspapers we subscribe to there is a proposal to create a Book Bank to help the needy.
Our college library collection exceeds more than 5000 books which include in various disciplines.
Library subscribes 25 periodicals and 8 dailies. Strict silence should be maintained In the library and the reading room.
We have arranged our books based on colon classification system.
Library orientation will be given to fresher’s every year.
We are providing reprographic services circulation service, reference service to our students.
A current awareness service is offered regularly.
Clipping service is also given to improve library usage among.
Top five library user from the students are identified and rewarded.


Dr. S.Barathi,M.L.I.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,


Mrs. K.Sangeetha

Assistant Librarian


Laboratories with modern software and websites are provided for students more than 100 students can use the computer lab at a time. Equally well equipped is the laboratory of the department of physics.

Association & Clubs

National Service Scheme
Science Communication Club
6S Club
Eco Club
Red Ribbon Club
Human Rights Club
Youth Red Cross
Consumer Club
Alumni Association
Quiz Forum
Current Events Club
SC/ST Development Cell
Fine Arts Association
Women Empowerment Cell

Alumini Association

Senthamarai Alumni Association functions as a nodal agency for maintaining liaison with the alumni and to involve them in the development and growth of the institution. It will promote and encourage the alumni to exchange professional knowledge by undertaking and facilitating conferences, seminars, lectures and meetings amongst alumni, students, faculty and others. Continuous interaction with Alumni is expected to widen the placement opportunities of the students. Alumni Day is being organized by the college which meets in the first week of January every year.
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