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Department of Tamil

Department / Department of Tamil

Department of Tamil

The Department of Tamil offers quality education to all students. Through the opportunity of Tamil language” probably the most significant contribution is that of Tamil Literature, which still remains to be ‘discovered’ and enjoyed by the students as an essential and remarkable park of universal heritage.

Pongal Vizha

The Department of Tamil under the auspices of the Department of Tamil Pongal Vizha was celebrated on a grand scale. The students of all departments cooked Pongal and shared the joy of the occasion dance, dance with the stick (kolattam), folk dance, stick show with skill (silambattam), drum beating, festival fair and Rangoli added attraction to the celebration. “Do Tamil traditions wax or Wane?” Was the topic of the debate of the students for the students and by the students.

Student Awards

Ms.E. Leesibharathi (2nd MA)won 5th prize of the state level calligraphy competition of great saint Agasthiar Centre of Arts and Literature.
Eight students of the department of English won 2nd prize and a cash award of Rs.2000 for their one art play at the competition of Vellaichami Nadar College.
Ms. I.Irulsakthi (I BA Eng) got 2nd prizeand cash prize of Rs.3000 in essay writing competition at senthamarai college on 21-12-2016.
R.Muthukani (1st BCom) got 3rd prize in the competition of competition of poetry and Mr.R.Baskaran of (3rd BA) won 3rd prize in the elocution competition at Senthamarai College on 21.12.2016. Mr.R.Muthukani(1st BCom) got 3rd prize in the competition at Senthilkumar Nadar College, Virudhunagar.
During the tamil language day celebrations of Vellaichamy Nadar College on 05-1-2016 the prizes won by students are as follows: Relay story naviation 3rd prize S.Ganeshkumar(1st Bcom), J.Balalji (1st BCA) 3rd prize, thirukkural recitation 2nd prize Ms.M.Pavithra (3rd Maths), word arrangement on Andhathi method 2nd prize ms.pavithra (3rd maths), S.Alagumuthu (3rd Phy) second prize.
R.Baskar (3rd BA) got second prize and ms. M.Malavika of 1st Bcom(CA) got 3rd prize in the locution competition of Thiruvalluvar kalagam on 10-01-2017.
Ms.E. Leesibharathi (2nd MA) came first I the state in the calligraphy competition conducted by Kavigan Pathippagam and got Rs. 1000 on 06-02-2017.
Ms.E. Leesibharathi of 2nd MA got 1st prize and Rs. 2000 and Mr. Rajkumar of 3rd BCom(CA) got 3rd prize and Rs.1000 in the painting competition of St. Charles College on 15-02-2017.

Staff Awards

Dr. Pon A. Sivakolundhu, Head, Department of Tamil and Dr. J.Sundarapandian, Asst Prof. of Tamil got the Agasthiyar award of the Saint Agasthiar Arts and Library Centre on 18-8-2016 for their role in the participation of 128 students in various activities.
Dr. L. Senthoor Pandy, Principal of the college got Kavikuyil Poovai Rajan award and Dr. Pon A sivakolundhu and Dr.J. Sundara Pandian got Sevai Clhemmal award of kavingnar Pathippagam on 06-02-2017 for their part in the participation of 103 students in their competitions.


1 DR. SIVAKKOLUNTHU A M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D Assistant Professor & Head
2 DR. SUNDARAPANDIAN J M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D Assistant Professor
3 MRS. SATHYA M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor
4 MR. P. KALIDASS M.A., M.Phil., NET Assistant Professor
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